5 Surprising Causes of Under Eye Bags…

…and How You Can Get Rid of Them Naturally.

Typically dark eye circles are often associated with lack of sleep.

At least, that’s what most websites want you to believe.


I’m going to share the uncomfortable truth…

The REAL cause of dark under eye circles…

And exactly what you can do about it.

Fluid Retention.. The Most Common Cause, and Easiest to Fix.

Under eye bags and dark circles may be caused by excess fluid accumulated in the lower eyelid area.

Eliminating excessive fast foods and processed foods with high salt content is important for eliminating or managing swelling and discoloration around the eyes.

Lymphatic fluid accumulation is also responsible for swelling around the eyes.

Gently massaging the area shortly after waking may facilitate the body’s reabsorption of the fluid.

Sleep with the head slightly elevated to eliminate fluid retention under the eye area. The following home remedies have been used for ages to reduce swelling and discoloration;

Cucumber slices, chilled and placed over closed eyes for 5-10 minutes. Not only does the cold temperature work to reduce the swelling, cucumbers contain chemicals that nourish the area and eliminate toxins.

Chilled tea bags, including chamomile and green tea are effective for reducing swelling and dark circles. Simply chill used tea bags and place over eyes for 10 minutes.

Aging… You Can Curve The Effects.

The natural aging process is often responsible for noticeable changes in the eye area. Besides upper lids drooping because of a loss of elasticity in the delicate skin, lower lids are also affected and need extra care.

Years of make-up application and eye-rubbing breaks down the collagen in the delicate area so extra care must be taken to avoid excessive stretching of the eyelid tissue.

The orbital region around the eye contains a small amount of fat that provides some cushion and definition.

As the body ages, the volume of fat decreases and may change the contours of the area. In turn, light is absorbed and reflected differently and shadows are cast that appear as dark circles or discolorations around the eye. These types of dark circles can be lightened with the use of concealer to affect the way light is absorbed and deflected.

Periorbital Hyperpigmentation… Genetics Aren’t The End of The World.

Genetics and heredity may be responsible for excessive pigmentation in the lower eyelid area. Although widely misunderstood because of a lack of research, this condition, called periorbital hyperpigmentation, is actually common and mostly seen in males and females with dark complexions.

Surgical and chemical interventions have been somewhat effective but the condition is difficult to treat and may be better suited for make-up control and home remedies.

Gently apply a concealer that is one shade lighter than the natural skin tone to even out the skin tone affected by hyperpigmentation.

In addition to protecting the eyes from UV light, it is also important to wear sunglasses when exposed to sunlight outdoors to avoid excess tanning in the delicate under-eye area which exacerbates the appearance of dark circls.

Vitamin Deficiencies – A Major Cause, and a Quick Fix.

Eating a good diet rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants may ward off inflammation and get rid of dark eye circles.

Vitamin K deficiencies can cause fatigue and other health issues which result in edema, or swelling, in the eye area. Foods high in vitamin K include kale, cabbage and prunes.

A lack of iron, which may lead to anemia, can produce a sunken appearance in the under-eye area, which appears as dark circles. Foods with abundant iron sources include red meats, seafood and legumes like peas and lentils.

Allergies – Everyone Has Them… Few Know Why They Darken Your Under Eye Circles.

Hayfever, pollen, and cedar are just a few of the allergens that wreck havoc on the body causing swelling, itching and redness. These symptoms, caused by the over-production of histamine may be the cause of eye bags and dark circles.

Eliminating or reducing excessive histamine is the goal for reducing the effects of the symptoms. These foods act as natural antihistamines and can be incorporated into the diet easily;

1. Vitamin C

  • Kiwi fruit
  • Oranges
  • Tomatoes

2. Quercitin

  • Berries, including strawberries, blueberries and blackberries
  • Onions and garlic
  • Apples
  • Broccoli

3. Omega-3s

  • Fatty fish and salmon
  • Flaxseeds crushed and roasted
  • Nuts including pecans, walnuts and macadamia nuts

Under eye bags with dark circles can give the appearance of ill-health and excessive aging.

With proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle habits and a little TLC, eye bags and dark circles can be considerably reduced and sometimes eliminated altogether.

If pain or discharge is associated with inflammation of the lower lid, consult a primary care health provider.

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