How to Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes Easily From Home (SHOCKING)

There are several ways to go about how to get rid of bags under eyes.

Fighting this concern seems daunting, but it is rather easy to get rid of circles under your eyes.

Surprisingly, women are not the only ones who are concerned with removing bags under their eyes to make them look more youthful.

They can occur for many reasons, including stress and lack of sleep. Here are a few, easy remedies to go about doing so at home.

Apply Some Tomatoes – Sounds Crazy, But Works Just As Well as Cucumbers! 

Using tomatoes as an application under the eyes is relatively simple. Most people have tomatoes in their kitchens, after all.

They are an excellent solution to removing bags from under the eyes. For an even more simplistic recipe, try mixing tomato juice with some lemon juice to apply under your eyes for ten minutes.

Then, wash off the mixture. This application can be repeated at least twice a day. It will leave the skin feeling soft and supple.

Try some Potatoes – a Surprisingly Effective Method Many Don’t Know About…

One of the most popular ways to remove bags from under the eye is to use some potatoes. Potato juice works even better.

Grated potatoes can be combined with a little baking powder under the eye as a paste.

It should be applied with a cotton ball and be left to set for ten minutes before it is washed off using cold water.

Chilly Tea Bags 

Tea bags are known for having many uses as far as home remedies go. They are also useful for removing bags from under the eyes, too.

Specifically, chamomile and green tea are the best choices because of the antioxidant qualities they contain.

Apply a tea bag that has been soaked in chilled water to under the eyes routinely. Doing so will make a considerable difference.

Cold Milk

The calcium in cold milk is great for helping the skin to rebuild collagen. It makes the skin smoother and softer, and it will also help to reduce dark circles under the eyes.

Simply soak a cotton ball in some cold milk and let it sit on the eye for a while. Be sure to wash the skin off with cold water afterward.

Cold water is important because it keeps the pores closed.

Orange Juice

The citric acid found in orange juice is also a great way to treat dark circles under the eyes. It will make the skin turn its natural shade once more, and it will also leave skin clean and clear.

For a better effect, add a few drops of glycerin before applying a cotton ball soaked in the mixture to under the eyes for at least fifteen minutes.

This process should be done daily until the bags under your eyes disappear.

Cucumbers are known for their ability to remove swelling from the body. They are full of water-based nutrients that can refuel the skin, as well as other parts of the body.

They can be applied daily. Just a simple slice under the eyes will do. There is a reason that spas stereotypically make use of cucumbers in facial treatments.

They work every time to remove puffiness.

Do Yoga or Meditate

Doing routine topical treatments will only get you so far when it comes to removing bags under your eyes. Sometimes, you need to treat them at the source, which is often stress.

Reducing stress will remove those bags forever practically. So, do some yoga or meditate often to lower stress levels.


There are so many ways to find out how to get rid of bags under eyes. These ways are some of the most common, and they will leave you feeling stress-free and beautiful in no time.

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