How to Reduce Puffy Eyes from Allergies

Dark circles are notoriously difficult to manage.

The delicate skin under the eyes is particularly susceptible to creasing, so concealing cosmetics crinkle up and make the area look even worse.

Things get even messier if the skin around the eyes is puffy from allergies or fatigue.

Instead of covering the puffiness with heavy makeup…

Try these methods for naturally decreasing the puffiness altogether:

The most common remedy for puffy eyes is putting cold spoons over the inflamed area. It’s so popular because it really does work. It doesn’t have to be spoons; any smooth, cold object would have the same effect.

When the skin under the eyes comes into contact with something cold, the blood vessels and fluids constrict. It’s a temporary smoothing effect, but you can maintain the results by working cold compresses into your morning beauty routine.

Thin cucumber slices also work as a topical treatment.

Keep whole cucumbers in your refrigerator and cut off new slices right before applying them. When they start to feel warm on your skin, double your treatment by turning them over. Cucumbers contain natural antioxidants and vitamins that help to condition and rejuvenate the skin. While you’re getting your puffiness under control, you’re also using a gentle anti-aging tonic.

Chilled green tea bags pack a bigger antioxidant punch…

…but require much more prep, making them difficult to use in the morning. Save these for an intense nighttime treatment. Get into the mood by using the teabags to actually make tea first.

The caffeine in tea temporarily tightens the delicate skin, and it is easily drawn into thirsty skin. Dry skin is paradoxically more likely to puff up than hydrated skin is. Properly quenched skin doesn’t reflexively hold onto pockets of moisture.

Make an effort to train yourself to sleep on your back. Let gravity do the work for you; the fluids will naturally drain away from the front of your face. Reduce your consumption of salty foods, since you don’t want any of that water retention to occur in your face.

If you know you always suffer from seasonal pollen allergies, make a daily habit of using soothing eye drops during that time of the year. Your under-eye skin will be less puffy if you’re not rubbing and pulling on it all the time. You should also skip the contact lenses on your itchiest days. Glasses have the added benefit of physically blocking your eye bags from view.

Figuring out how to reduce puffy eyes from allergies requires a lot of trial and error. The most effective remedies require time and behavioral changes. However, the results are worth all of this work, since smooth under-eyes makes you look younger and more alert.

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